I am a Developer

I am an Artisan

I am Passionate

I am Pascal Lapointe

Web Development and IT Solution

About me

About me...

« Web development is halfway
between science and art..! »

I am passionate about software development, web and connected technologies. Self-taught and curious, I like the challenge of learning new technologies. You may see my main strengths below because it looks good, but know that my interest spectrum is much larger..!

WEB development: Frontend/Backend
UNIX DevOps: Server and development tools installation

My services

I'm interested in

Freelance Work

Have some project in mind? Or maybe you need a hand on your existing project?

I may be able to help!

Potential customers

  • Self-employed workers
  • Small / Medium Businesses
  • Web development agencies

Remote Work

We can work together,

wherever you are!

Plenty of existing tools can reduce distance to just a few clicks.

Slack, Trello, Freehand, Google Drive and G Suite are some of the collaborative tools we can use.


You are passionate about one of your projects and you're looking for a business partner to push it through?

I'm open to proposals.

Web Application

Website - Intranet - API

  • New project
  • New features
  • Bug fixing

I'm subcontracting:

  • Design/Custom integration
  • Infography and Photography
  • Content creation

Mobile Application

Need a simple mobile application?

I could be interested!

Web or mobile app?

It depends on your needs and goals. In order to weight in the pros and cons, I suggest the following article: Mobile Website vs. Mobile App: Which is Best for Your Organization?

Special Projects

Individual projects often represent interesting challenges and are therefore very formative.

Potential Projects:

  • Connected Environment
  • Automation / Control
  • Arduino/Raspberry Pi
  • Blockchain

Work Process

How I Work

First Meeting

Assessment of your needs and information gathering

Analysis and planning

Project analysis and splitting into minimum viable functionalities.

Design of Models

System, process and model design.

Concept Validation

Validation of the concept and models by the client.

Visual integration and Programming

Work on one feature at a time.

Test and Validation

Validation of the feature before launching development of the next.


Possible deployment following the completion of a feature.

Product Maintenance

Maintenance, correction or update of the software as needed.